Tracy Hathaway - Agent, California

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I wanted to take a minute and and share with you. I have written you before about Tracy regarding our Disney trips and all she has done for us but this trip was very special. This trip was my two youngest daughters first time to ever visit Disney World. It took a long time to plan and Tracy was onboard at go. From the very beginning it was a secret and remained a secret until we landed in Orlando and revealed “passports” in our backpack. They girls thought they were going to Mexico( which was just one of many white lies) The reveal was multi-tiered and every surprise was overwhelming excitement and simply put...magical. Every reaction was priceless. None of this would have been quite as special if it were not for Tracy. From the very beginning she has shared so many moments of our trips in planning, during and after and in between with us. Not only is she a professional on all levels she is such a wonderful person and I have never seen such dedication and excitement from anyone in any line of work. Every conversation I had with Tracy was as if it was her going on the trip and not us. To know that she shared in that excitement and passion made the trip 10 times more exciting(if that’s even possible ). It has not ever mattered what time of day or even what day of the week it has been for that matter, she has been diligent in going the extra mile to see that every detail was has always been fine tuned just for us. Memory maker, dining plan and fast pass suggestions are just some of the things that I am sure some may overlook but she always made sure to explain everything in detail and help us make the very best choices. Choices I am thrilled with! Words cannot express how trusted she is not only with the standard travel details of our trip but more importantly in the ones that are based on those small details that build the memories we tuck away in our hearts forever. For this and so much more I will be eternally ever so grateful for her. For all she is and all she does.

Here are just a few pictures. I have dozens and plan to have hundreds in the years to come. Disney is forever in our hearts and minds and Tracy is right there as well.

— Bowerman Family