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Amanda lives in Southwestern Connecticut with her husband and two boys. She has been a Disney lover for as long as she can remember. As a girl, her family would travel to Disney multiple times a year, and as an adult, she does the same with her own family. Their family vacations have more than doubled in size--from a family of 5 to a group of sometimes 14 people. She has vacationed in Disney almost every year for her entire life.

Amanda has been helping people plan their Disney Vacations for almost 10 years, and finally joined Main Street Travel Co in the Fall of 2017. It has become a passion of hers to help people plan Magical vacations. Amanda has also completed numerous Run Disney Half Marathons and the Disney Marathon, and can offer many suggestions on making race day successful.

Amanda is fluent in Spanish, having spent time living in Seville, Spain. Her travels around Spain and other parts of Europe have fueled her passion for exploring. She has also traveled to the United Kingdom, Australia and French Polynesia.

Amanda wants to be able to provide families and individuals the opportunity to relax and enjoy their vacations without having the stress of planning. Too many opportunities for family time are wasted because people can’t find the time to simply plan their trip let alone take their trip. In this day and age, we need to focus on making memories because time is precious and it is Amanda’s hope as a Disney Travel Agent and College of Disney Knowledge graduate to help those wishes become reality.


What Their Clients are saying:

I was a little overwhelmed at booking our first family trip to Disney but our Main Street Travel Agent, Amanda Caparosa, could not have made things any easier! She was attentive, enthusiastic, so helpful and a pleasure to work with on planning our family vacation. We will definitely use Main Street Travel for booking our future family getaways!