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Have you ever wanted to take a vacation and have every detail planned for you? Or do you enjoy being a part of the little touches that make your vacation unforgettable, but don't enjoy researching and price comparing the hotels and transportation? If either of these statements are true, or anything in between, you should let April book your next trip! Her services and knowledge are free, but the memories and joy you will experience on your next vacation will be priceless!

April lives in Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and son. Traveling has always been a passion for them, and April has not only planned every vacation they've ever had, but most of her friends, family, and churches trips as well! From inside the United States to Mexico and soon Europe! And let's not forget Disney!

April and her family love the most Magical place on Earth and cant wait to help you make your own magic! Keeping up with all the changes and new things across the Disney "world" is more than a hobby; it's a passion! Let go of your Adulting and let April help you go to Disney! April can get you to where you and your family desires to go, and on a budget at that! So let your worry and the headaches that come with a vacation go and partner with April to make this your best trip yet!


What Their Clients are saying:

April Dupree made the entire Disney planning a breeze. She helped me map out our entire trip, catering to my husband and children’s needs. I felt like she was there with me. She made Disney not be so overwhelming. We had a fabulous time! These people are amazing at their jobs and make travel Planning so easy!
— Ashley D.

My goal was to go on an all-inclusive vacation with my two sons. After spending time trying to decipher all the possibilities and feeling insecure about which sites I should trust, I decided to engage the help of an expert. Since none of my friends had recommendations for a travel agent, I looked up reviews on the internet. April Dupree shined out like a beacon in the night. From the moment I called her and told her my goal, she started proving her value. She carefully listened to everything I told her and then the next day, all these awesome choices landed in front of me. A few more discussions and tweaks later, I was booked with my sons to Cancun. She followed up with me in the weeks and days leading up to my travel, and she assured me that I could call her with anything I needed. Everything about my experience with her was amazing. I will never travel without her help again! April is extraordinary at her job and especially caring in her way of making it special!
— Jeanette N

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our 10yr anniversary by a quick weekend get away. April Dupree was amazing and did all the work for us so we could just show up to our hotel and enjoy our weekend. She was so patient with my husband as he asked more questions than necessary. April gave us many options to choose from and each was very detailed. She’s now working on our next adventure and I just know it will be amazing and no detail will be left out! Thanks April and Main Street travel!
— Amber S

Okay, the closer we get to our trip the more excited I get to check in with our awesome travel planner, which I just did a little while ago! So I gotta brag about my girl April Michelle Dupree! We have never used a travel planner for our vacations before, but we’ve been wanting to go to Disney for a few years and shortly before the holidays she started working as one! I’ve always heard that if you go to Disney, USE A TRAVEL PLANNER!!! So we did! Y’all she ROCKS!!! She made us a spreadsheet with a budget so we’d know far ahead of time how much money we needed to be saving over this year for our MAGICAL VACATION in January 2020! She and I spoke before Christmas and went ahead and put a deposit down for our resort stay and we’ll be planning even more trip details in the coming months and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Even when it comes to getting to know her clients, she is AMAZING! She was sure to ask me if we were the type of family to be just “run run run, go go go” or do we need a day, or moments throughout the days, to just relax for a bit...this stuff matters when planning out all of the activities that Disney has to offer and she knows that! Keep her in mind for any of your upcoming Spring Break and Summer vacations! She does more than just Disney too! Whether you need a quick weekend getaway in Gatlinburg or a big family vacation somewhere far away, April will help you with all of it, beginning to end, with a smile on her face!!
— Dancy S