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Bryce Yelverton is a math teacher turned government relations consultant. His love of theme parks, roller coasters, and especially the Walt Disney Company began many years ago. Bryce and his wife are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Jackson, MS where Bryce has worked for ten years with the inner-city, non-profit ministry, His Heart, Inc. Bryce is a two year survivor of Hodgkin Lymphoma and ran the 2015 WDW Half Marathon in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He shares his journey with cancer through public speaking events around the state of MS Bryce is a graduate of Mississippi College and also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Mississippi State University. Bryce loves to eat, travel, and podcast, but not necessarily in that order. Bryce, his wife Carly, and their dog, Walter reside in Clinton, MS.

Bryce's personal website can be found at www.bryceyelverton.com

Coaster Crusade by Bryce Yelverton

Two Men, Thirty Roller Coasters

What happens when two guys from Mississippi want to ride lots of roller coasters, but there are no roller coasters in Mississippi? Road trip! And not just any road trip. Four days. Thirty roller coasters. Plus they live to tell the tale.

With all the books written about Disney and Universal theme parks, you'd think there weren't any others. But there are lots of regional parks scattered across the United States, and many of them are best-known for their roller coasters: steel, wood, and screams. Coaster connoisseurs Bryce and Zach, school teachers by day, put up their chalk and pull down their lap bars for a wild trek to ride more roller coasters than you'll probably ride in your life.

Book can be purchased here: http://themeparkpress.com/books/coaster-crusade.htm