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Not every trip goes according to plan, and Emily learned that the hard way growing up.

Her first trip to Orlando as a kid wasn't planned out at all, and it ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons.

So as an adult, she took the reins for her family and learned how to create lasting memories with just the right amounts of planning and magic.

Now Emily travels to Orlando theme parks every chance she gets, whether she's wearing her mouse ears, stashing away her wand in her wizard's robe or both!

Emily loves traveling during special events. The Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort both offer incredible experiences year-round.

Are vintage clothes your thing? What about horror movies? Sports enthusiast? Want to really maximize that Park Hopper ticket with fun challenges? Emily can work with you to find a unique way to really make your trip come to life. Or until your next visit, anyway.

When she's not daydreaming about her next destination, Emily edits sports stories for newspapers across the country. Deadlines are her thing, and through her editing gig, she's learned how to make things happen even when they seem impossible.

Whether it's your first or 50th trip to Orlando destinations, Emily can find that extra special something that will make your trip last a lifetime.