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Gerry along with his wife Sarah, and two children relocated to middle Tennessee in 2015. Gerry works for a Fortune 500 company, however his love for travel especially to Walt Disney World brought him to Main Street Travel Co. Gerry traveled to Walt Disney World through out his childhood, and now he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids at The Disney World Resort. Gerry has experienced first hand how to do Disney as a child, a teenager, a young adult, as a father of toddlers, and now as his children are older he has realized just how different every trip to Walt Disney World can be.

Gerry's family loves to travel, in addition to Walt Disney World in Florida. Gerry and his family have enjoyed traveling to Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, Mexico, Las Vegas, many Florida Beaches, New Orleans, and Hawaii! Gerry has experience and love for travel to any location you dream of.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, a relaxing beach vacation, seeking thrills, and looking to make lasting memories with your spouse, family, or friends. Gerry is the guy you want to talk to!