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Originally from Wichita, KS, and now living in Mansfield, TX, Jermaine has had a love of Disney since before he can remember. In addition to working with Main Street, Jermaine is the Director of Choirs at Bowie High School in Arlington, TX, Director of Worship at his church, and occasional actor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Jermiane’s love of Disney has shown itself not only in his ties and knowledge of Disney movie trivia, but also as a Cast Member at The Disney Store (509) for several years during and after college. Jermaine began his Main Street connection through friend and fellow travel agent Adam Clark. After realizing how much joy it can bring to others to make their Disney dreams come true through planning their trips, Jermaine joined the Main Street team. Having been to Walt Disney World several times with his family (wife, son-8, daughter-5), Jermaine is ready to help you plan a trip that will meet your needs and takes his Disney training to work and exceed your expectations while helping you create a trip of a lifetime.