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Michael Gibbs owns an insurance agency and has been protecting his client’s dreams and businesses for nearly 8+ years and has worked in the insurance industry for over 15 years. His goal is to provide the best customer experience possible by using a consultative approach that allows him opportunities to understand his clients needs and providing the appropriate solutions and advice they seek. In providing these solutions to his clients and protect their dreams, he realized that they want to have their dreams achieved through their travels. While meeting with his clients on an annual basis, the conversation would initially start about insurance then end talking about travelling, most times!

As an avid traveler, he and his wife have witnessed nearly 22 hours of daylight in Anchorage, Alaska to watching the sunset at the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In combining his personal and business travel experiences, along with his exceptional knowledge, he would love to help his clients achieve their travel dreams in the Caribbean, Mexico, Cruises, and Disney. As a Rotarian, he believes in Service Above Self! Allow Michael the opportunity to serve you your travel dreams to make then come true whether you want a quick getaway/booze cruise or a long family milestone has been reached...I can help! Contact him today to get your vacation started!